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Pissy Espistles


No, it's nothing like the Church of Scientology's war against it's online detractors. Yeah, right -- In our dreams! No, this is not quite as serious as that. Nothing on our site could be said to be very serious. Unfortunately, there are certain people whose assholes are closed so tightly that it's questionable if they're capable of laughing at all. Some people can't take a joke.

Prick Publications found out about this website, and they were not amused. I wonder why? Below are the nastygrams which various parody artists and myself received from some of Chick's holy henchmen, followed by replies sent back to them (when available).

I'll bet that Prick Publications, Inc. really thinks we're a bunch of snotty, little smart-asses now. Of course, we are. We not only admit it, but we're proud of it, actually. It's part of the nature of most natural-born comedians. We want to piss off Prick Publications. Fundies are at their funniest when their inbred fears and paranoias are fed. They start to get all uptight, say they're "under attack", and go into their siege mentality. We don't expect Chick to end up like the Branch Davidians. I expect them to behave more like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson did a few years back, when hackers and crank phone-callers phreaked their phone lines and made thousands of phoney pledges. Chick will likely claim that his ministry is under attack by satanic forces or something. Of course, it would be kinda fun for them take us as a serious satanic threat. That would actually feel good. Imagine the power of humor -- a few parodies and satires make a fundy go over the edge.

Interestingly enough, some of the parody artists have actually told me that they look forward to Chick trying to sue me. I sorta fantasize about it, too. I have fantasies about being in court and mooning Jack Chick's lawyers from the bench, kinda like what Larry Flynt would do. I'd eat lots of beans and cabbage before the trial, so I'd be full of gas, and I could fart in Chick's lawyers' general direction. I could also give my testimony in voice impersonations of famous TV Evangelists. "I admit it, Judge... I HAVE SINNED AGAINST JACK CHICK!" Of course, I'd probably be fined for contempt of court for it, but at least I'd have fun doing it!

--Psycho Dave, Webmaster of the Jack T. Chick Parody Archive