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Who is Jack T. Chick?

Many, after reading his tracts and the bizarre world-view they promote, would be inclined to ask WHAT Jack T. Chick is, much less who he is! Rumor has it that back in the 50's Chick was an aspiring Comic Book artist, who tried to get jobs at Marvel and D.C. Comics, but just didn't have the kind of talent that they were looking for. Chick's luck almost ran out, when he was born again, and decided to make comic books especially for a Christian audience. His talent caught on, and his publishing company, which literally got started on his kitchen table for just $24.00, grew into a multi-million dollar publishing empire, which the kooky evangelical fundy Christian world has embraced with a passion. Chick tracts are now published in dozens of languages, and are distributed in over 100 countries all over the world! Little is known about Jack Chick, since he has never published any biographical data, but from his tracts, we can all guess that he is a pretty scary little Fundy troll, who believes virtually every conspiracy theory under the sun, especially if it feeds his paranoid world view.

Chick's tracts are probably the best indicator of just how much medication this guy needs to be put on. The world that his tracts assemble as you read them, is one where secret societies of Satanists hide behind every Halloween party and role-playing game, where The Catholic Church plans the assasination of world leaders, and where people who suffer for their whole life and die a horrible death are supposed to be lucky just because they go to Heaven when they die. Conspiracy theories that would make the John Birch Society look sane by comparison, quasi-racist charicatures of non-whites and Jews, and unlikely scenarios are Jack T. Chick's trademarks.

Rumor has it that he has been sued several times for articles he has published about people whom he hates, and had to pay large settlements to, due to his slanderous, libelous attacks (But is it slander or libel if God himself beams the message into your skull?). Pending a more extensive biography of Jack Chick for this website, you can probably find out some more information on the LINKS section of this site. Don't worry, more information will come, including a walk through his catalog, which has some rather interesting comments in it. Enjoy!

-- Psycho Dave, Webmaster of the Jack T. Chick Parody Archive

You can also check out The Unauthorized Biography of Jack Chick for more accurate information on Jack's Career.