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How to submit your own parodies to this archive:

Submitting your own tracts to this site is easy. All you have to do is create your tract-parody, then send email to Psycho Dave, and tell him what the URL of your tract is. Psycho Dave will then look at it, and make the appropriate links to your URL. If you have no web site of your own to store the tract on, you can email the graphics in *.ZIP format. There is limited hard drive space, so not many will be accepted this way.



    You will be subject to lawsuit if you do. All parody artists who made tract parodies have received notice from Chick Publications, and were forced to remove their graphics!
  • Please keep the file format *.GIF or *.JPG ONLY! No other file formats will be allowed. I don't want to convert other people's files for them.
  • The graphics files should be numbered, with an underline followed by two digits (Example: "Title_01.gif")
  • Make a title for your new tract.
  • Make a cover for your new tract, with your title on it.
  • Make a thumbnail of the cover. It must be exactly 50% the size of the original cover. Most paint programs can do this.
  • Use the HTML code from any one of the existing tracts (except "Antlers of the Damned") to make a page that will load the graphics. For a commented, "ready to go" tract, requiring only minimal editing, CLICK HERE, then view the source with your browser and save it.
  • If you have web space, please use it to store your tract, then notify me of the location of it. Due to my shrinking web space, I can't host every tract.
  • Psycho Dave is the editor of the site, and has the final word on which tracts get accepted. Basically, if they're not funny, they don't go on the main collection, however, if you put it online, it will definitely get a link in the "Chick Links" section. Even tracts that suck will get on the links page.

Tips for creating tracts

  • You can use virtually any paint program. Just make sure the program you use has GIF or JPEG capability.
  • Use a font that's easy to read, and compact. The fonts that seem to work best are Comic Sans MS, and Arial Black (Baltic). Bold Arial Black (Baltic) is the font used on the title-page of the tract. These fonts come with Windows 95.
  • It's perfectly okay to change the sequence of the cartoon.
  • Can't edit a web page to load all the graphics? Use one of mine! Just look at the source code for any of the tracts on this site, and change the file names and URLs appropriately.
  • Still can't edit a web page to load the graphics? Just tell me where your graphics are, and I'll do it!

Tips on making a good parody

These are all individual ideas -- you don't HAVE TO follow them. They're just tips based on what others have done.
  • Make the tract push THE OPPOSITE message that Jack Chick was pushing.
  • Make the tract push THE SAME message that Jack Chick was pushing, but make it more accurately push that message in the way we all know Fundys REALLY push it! Make it push stereotypically extremist Fundamentalist dogma!
  • Make the tract talk about a completely non-religious topic, or be really bizarre, like Zippy the Pinhead or Red Meat!
  • Use some modern verbage in there -- Have characters make references to current films and TV shows, or hurl modern insults (like Butt-munch, ass-wipe, etc) at each other.
  • A little tasteless humor never hurts. Heck, we don't even care if the story has basic continuity. Just make it funny.
  • Give characters names. Sometimes, using the names of famous people makes it funny, especially if you use the names of televangelists, Martha Stewart, Kathy Lee Gifford, Brice Wellington, or other people we all love to hate.

So get to work, You BUM, and PRAISE JEE-ZUS!!