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  • All Your Chick -- All your Chick Tract are belong to us! If you have no idea what to make of it, play the Sega Genesis game of "Zero Wing", or watch All Your Base: The Video.
  • Anti-Tracts -- This pagan website offers tracts very much like those on this site, but unfortunately, they do not offer any online reading.
  • Big Phony? -- A parody of the Chick Tract called "Big Daddy?", which describes the teachings of Kent Hovind (AKA Dr. Dino) and lambastes him at every twist of his logic.
  • Dungeons -- This is a parody of the Chick Tract "Dark Dungeons", which apparently is the single most parodied Chick Tract ever.
  • Halloween -- A Chick-inspired cartoon depicting how Halloween is for pagans living in Christian Fundy communities.
  • In The Name Of God -- Great retrospective of Jack Chick's comics with commentary, and a glimpse of some of his older cartoons that were removed from publication because they were either "too racist", or were too "out-dated" in their themes.
  • The Jack Chick Museum -- MonsterWax has an interesting spin on the Chick Phenomenon. He has a sort of compendium of all the Jack Chick Tracts ever done, most of which point directly to Chick's online tracts, but he has reviews of many tracts that have been removed from circulation, too. You can add your own comments about them, too.
  • Some "Bob" Loves me! -- A Subgenius inspired parody of "Somebody Loves Me", with artwork so close to Chick's that it's almost as scary.
  • Tower Of Lies -- Seth C. Triggs's own Chick parody which attacks Chick's anti-Catholic sentiments rather effectively.
  • Bob Larson: False Teacher? -- The Bob Larson Fan CLub did this clever Chick-like cartoon exposing the hypocrisy of Christian radio talk show host Bob Larson.
  • How I met Jack Chick! -- A true-life story by a comic book fan who met Jack Chick. Interesting insights about the man we all think is a complete asshole.
  • Haw! Haw! Haw! -- A great parody of Chick's "Somebody Goofed!". See how a young boy is introduced to the Church of the Subgenius, only to bug out and cry to Jesus at the last minute!
  • The Other People -- This is a Chick-esque tract by Oberon Zell, with art work by Don Lewis. They actually sell chick-sized copies of these tracts so that you can hand them out to Christians on the street corner!
  • The Brainwashed Generation -- A parody of "The Last Generation" done with art that's in a similar, minimalist style to South Park.
  • The Biography of Jack T. Chick -- the unauthorized (and probably a lot more true than the one on WWW.CHICK.COM) and hysterical biography of Jack T. Chick.
  • Chick Publications -- How can we NOT have a link to the official website of Jack T. Chick's publishing company? Yes, this is the real thing, complete with online tracts, which you can copy the graphics from, so that you can make your own parodies! Why scan them in when they're already here?
  • Disinformation.Com's article on Jack Chick's Comics -- Disinformation.Com is one of the best places to find out info on darn near anything that's weird. Is it no wonder that Jack Chick has a special place on their website?
  • Jack Chick's Fairy Tales -- The Post Fundamentalist Press did a rather funny article on Jack Chick's paranoid visions.
  • Jack Chick Speaks! -- An interesting site with actual WAV files of quotable quotes spoken by Chick himself! The same site has other funamentalists saying bizarre things as well.
  • Red Meat -- Max Cannon's bizarre comic strip looks a lot like a Chick tract on occaision. In fact, Max once made up a complete Chick tract parody of his own, with all original art, which he would pass out to people!
  • Prick Publications, Inc. -- A complete satire of the Chick Publications Web Site! Check it our! It looks just like the real thing!
  • Revolting.com's Wonderful World of Jack Chick -- A nice site covering all of the different bizarre themes that Jack Chick writes about, with a special section called "The Truth" (according to Jack Chick). Can YOU handle THE TRUTH?
  • Saturnalia -- a completely original spoof of Jack Chick's style. I would have added it to the archive, but the graphics and size of the frames varies too much to fit into our format.
  • Space Moose: Antlers of the Damned! -- Adam Thrasher's politically incorrect, tasteless comics have always been some of my favorites. Space Moose pokes fun at all the things that I love to poke fun of. He made a pretty funny spoof of a Jack Chick tract that drew a lot of criticism on the net, and this site is dedicated to that contraversy. You can also find a link to the parody in question in the ARCHIVE section.
  • Suck! Online Magazine's tribute to Jack Chick -- A funny article all about one man's Jack Chick Experience!
  • Ten Theses On Jack Chick -- A comprehensive summary of all the bizarre things that Jack Chick believes (or at least promotes through his tracts). It's the conspiracy to end all conspiracies.
  • Yaaa! The Straight & Narrow World of Jack T. Chick -- The original "Unofficial Jack Chick Archive" is BORN AGAIN in this new site. This was the site that inspired yours trully to create this site. As you can see, what started out as a mere tribute has a life of it's own, now!
  • Weird Central: Jack Chick -- A retrospective of Jack Chick's comics and style.