Mirage wrote a letter saying that he removed Chick's images from his website. This was not entirely true, however. He only moved them to a different location. The following is the reply from Chick Publications.
>From: Ronald Rockney 
>Reply-To: rockney@chick.com
>To: lez69@gci-net.com
>CC: attyrds@aol.com
>Subject: Copyright violation
>Thank you for your response to our original message in which we asked
>you to remove Jack Chick's copyrighted artwork from your website. Our
>attorney has advised us that your interpretation of the People vs.
>Flynnt case is incorrect and fails the "Fair Usage" test.
>We do not wish to cause you financial harm, but the terms of our
>licensing agreement with Mr. Chick require us to defend his copyright,
>and we will do so. At this point, we repeat our request that you remove
>his copyrighted artwork from your site. You are certainly free to
>publish a parody, but you are not free to use the artwork created by Mr.
>Chick without his express permission.
>We have no interest in interfering with your right of free speech. You
>may create your own art and text and publish it. There is a talent
>required to produce artwork, and that artwork is protected, even under
>"People vs. Larry Flint" - 1986. So in order to exercise your free
>speech rights legally you must create your own artwork and text.
>Our attorney wishes to proceed against you. That would be very
>expensive for all parties involved. If we are forced to file suit, it
>may no longer be possible for you to stop the action by just removing
>the material from your website, because we will have been compelled to
>undertake considerable expense, and may need to continue the action to
>recover legal costs from you.
>I strongly suggest that you seek advice from a licensed attorney before
>you force everyone into costly litigation. Even though we do not desire
>to combat this in the legal arena, if you do not acquiese, we will be
>forced to protect Mr. Chick's artwork. We will wait three business days
>before moving forward to give you time to contact your attorney and
>receive his counsel.
>Should you decide to remove the material, please notify us immediately. 
>Any further correspondence should be directed to our attorney, Robert D.
>Salisbury at:
> Email: attyrds@aol.com
> US Mail: P.O. Box 17399
> Anaheim, Ca. 92817-7399
> 714 974 4850
>Yours Truly,
>Ronald L. Rockney, Treasurer
>Chick Publications, Inc.
>CC: Robert D. Salisbury

You see, it's my guess that they didn't even bother to check to see if our site was still there or not. They most likely forgot the URL.