After removing all the graphics from this site, and spreading them all over the web, I decided to tell Mr. Rockney about it. I hope Chick Publications is satisfied with the results!

>Y'all writed:
>Dear Ronny-Donny Rock-a-Doodle-knock-knee,
>I have some GOOD news and some BAD news.
>The GOOD news is that I have removed Jack Chick's cartoons from my Jack
>T. Chick Parody Archive website. All that remains are the HTML documents
>which called up the graphics, and a few poor-quality thumbnails of the
>tract covers (which will soon be removed, as well). I eventually will
>have none of Chick's graphics stored on my web page! I will no longer be
>responsible for having any of Chick's copyrighted images on any sites
>which I own! So your request that I remove Chick Publication's
>copyrighted images will be complied with! ISN'T THAT GREAT?!?!?!?! I bet
>that gives Ol' Jack T. Prick a holy hard-on!
>The BAD news is that the graphics have been stored around the web at
>various sites, owned by either the authors of the individual parodies, or
>of friends of Psycho Dave. IN the near future, a website in Helsinki,
>Finland will be purchased by a net-friend of Psycho Dave's, where the
>graphics will be stored more permanently. As you may or may not know,
>Finnish authorities don't really care much about locating copyright
>infringers, since the Church Of Scientology caused a scandal with
>, where they tried to force the finnish authorities to hunt 
>down anonymous email addresses of people who were sending 
>messages containing official "copyrighted" church documents to various 
>newsgroups. Since then, Finnish authorities have avoided such cases, 
>to protect end-users. So all Psycho Dave will be responsible for, is 
>having links to the locations where the images are stored, which is no 
>crime in the law books of any country, except maybe
>Communist China, Burma, and Indonesia. Our jokes will live on in an
>underground sort of way.
>Yours truly, Psycho Dave, Boy-wonder and webmaster of the Jack T. Chick
>Parody Archive
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I haven't heard anything from Chick Publications since this letter was sent. I wonder why?