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Dedicated to all of the Godless heathens who have been my friends over the years. You know who you all are.

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What is Recreational Christianity?

What has Dave Done to promote it?

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  • *NEW* Robert Tilton's Fun & Games Page -- This is a special new section I created which has all sorts of sounds, video, and a downloadable program, all about Robert Tilton! Have fun!
  • Christian Cliches -- A list of cliched statements made by Christians when discussing various issues with atheists. Use this list for extra fun when arguing with Christians. You can point out which cliches they use, and link to the page so that they can see how predictable they are!
  • The Jack T. Chick Parody Archive -- A new site dedicated to all of the parodies of those little Christian comic-book tracts that Evangelicals love to hand out. Since the closing of the Unofficial Jack Chick Archive, Psycho Dave has seen fit to preserve the vision of a site dedicated to non-believing fans of the paranoid Fundy Chick's psychotic comics! Best of all, you can submit your own tract parodies, too!
  • Martin Luther's The Jews and Their Lies -- This is the complete text of Martin Luther's 1543 book which is one of the most venomous, hateful, and derranged diatribes against Jewish people ever written. Luther's nasty book has spawned generations of antisemitism among Christians, and was an inspiration to Adolf Hitler, among other people. Let this book serve as a reminder that one of Protestant Christianity's greatest heroes was a racist scum, and a derranged madman.
  • The Brice Wellington FAQ Archives -- Brice Wellington is one of my favorite Net-Weenies for JEE-ZUS. His main interests seem to include wife-beating, masturbation, and doing battle with Satan. He's the most fun we've ever had in alt.atheism, and I got the exclusive info on him!
  • The Bob Larson Archives -- -- Kooky Kristian Kommentator and Radio Talk Show host Bob Larson is a slimey, weasel who has more scandals now than Jimmy and Tammy. I got all the Dirt on him here, from some dilligent investigators.
  • The John Salvi/Paul Hill Memorial Fundy-Watch Page -- I am using this section for for news and current events as it relates to fundies in the news. Keep up to date on Pat Robertson's ever-changing 1-800 lines, get information on the latest fundy giveaways, and other info for practicing recreational Christianity.
  • Land-o-links Christian Weenies -- In case you haven't looked at my Land-O-Links yet, this is the section I devote to Kooky Net Kristians and On-line ministries. Many links used to be duplicated here, so I just decided to consolodate them in one section.
  • The Recreational Religion Discussion Forum -- A totally FREE, unregistered message board for everyone to discuss their favorite recreational Christianity activities, discuss upcoming events, give information on interesting crap you may have received, and occaisionally let Christians yell at us for being so gosh darn evil. This site also has other message boards related to WWW.Weirdcrap.com's different areas.
  • Psycho Dave goes to church! -- Pastor Corbin is a souther baptist minister in South Boston, Massachusetts, whose hooting and hollering street-rants resonate through Harvard Square, in nearby Cambridge. Hundreds of people gather around him to take part in what can be called a piece of interactive performance art. I once went to Corbin's church, and had a blast. This is the story of the atheist who went to church, only to be more of an atheist on the way out.
  • Psycho Dave's Guide To Kooky Kristians -- A guided tour of my favorite kooky Christians on the net. See Robert Tilton, Benny Hinn, and Pastor Corbin. Read Jack Chick's comic book tracts, and find the cults.
  • Quotations from Contemporary and Historical Christian Leaders -- Quotation with references to some rather nasty quotes (or at least very revealing quotes) from leaders of the Christian coalition, and other famous Christians throughout history. You most likely have heard at least some of these. Other quotes will shock and surprise you.
  • S.H.I.T. -- S.H.I.T. stands for the Society for Hacking Idiot Televangelists, an organization dedicated to causing electonic mayhem for Religious websites by hacking them and spoofing them. Membership is free, and We're accepting submissions of your spoofed web sites.

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