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Last Updated 04-NOV-2005

Okay, everyone, I decided to put the forums on Google Groups, because the PHP software I used has security holes in it that I don't want to have to wait for to get fixed. Consider the old message forums gone. No messages were rescued. Sorry. That's just the way things are.

You will have to sign up with Google to post, which some may not want, but well, that's the price we pay these days. Read the announcements to find out why this happened. Start posting so we have things back to normal!

Announcements and Info This is the forum for Weirdcrap to make announcements, or to request info about Weirdcrap.com, or to make announcements of your own
Atheist Discussions For discussing atheism and atheist-related issues, poking fun at religion, or just bullshitting.
Current Events Discuss topics that are in the news, such as politcs, society, and why George W. Bush is a Dildo
Creation/Evolution Did we evolve via biochemical processes over time, or did some magical sky-daddy do it in 6 days, or perhaps the flying spaghetti monster farted it out of his ass...
Weird Crap Discussion For discussing weird crap, of course!

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