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Site History
(For people who really want to know this kind of stuff...)
12/17/98 Dave finishes the art work for "The Sissy", and puts out the parodies "The Holy and the Homo" and "The Trucker and the Mind-Fucker", which were based on it.
11/11/98 "Judgement Day is finished and put online.
10/2/98 Psycho Dave's final letter to Ronald "hot rocks" Rockney added
9/30/98 Psycho Dave puts the first segment of "Judgement Day" online.
9/27/98 Rev. Jim Huber's remake of "Dead To Rights" is put online.
  • "Loved To Death" is finished
  • Rev. Jim Huber's original "This is Your Death" is put online.
  • THE ARCHIVE IS BORN-AGAIN, after a temporary outage due to legal pressure from prick Publications.
  • The first half of "Loved To Death" is put online with new graphics!
  • Changes made to Submit.html -- had to remove references to using original Chick art.
  • New disclaimer added to title page.
  • New site title graphics created.
8/30/98 "God Meat", Psycho Dave's first attempt at copying Chick's style, is created as a test.
  • Site temporarily closed due to legal pressure from Chick Publications.
  • Erased all off-site graphics
  • new plans call for the creation of all new imitation Chick artwork.
  • Every last Chick graphic is taken off-site. There is not one single tiny chick graphic on this site -- just HTML code, and nothing more! This is to protect Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place from losing it's home due to a Chick-attack.
  • "Hot Rock's Sphincter Problem" is added to letters section (Attack.html)
  • Anonymous tipster tells Dave that removing the graphics was the right thing to do.
  • Jim Huber's "Dead To Rights" is moved back on-line at new location.
  • All tracts are online again.
  • Retired the "Chick Talk" section for lack of activity.
  • Added this Site history.
  • Added "Ron's Dirty Trick" to letters section (attack.html)
  • Got phone call at work from Rockney, threatening to tell my boss of the existence of some tracts on my work PC.
  • Promptly moved 9 tracts to new locations.
  • There are no more Chick Graphics on any sites owned by
  • Added "Imac Ocksucker" to tracts
  • Got nastygram from Ronald "Long Rod" Rockney, and promptly moved graphics off-site.
  • Added all letters to "attack.html"
  • All tracts are now on other sites!
  • All parody artists informed me that they, too got the same standard letter from Rockney.
  • Jim Huber's "Dead To Rights" goes off-line, temporarily.
8/9/98 Added the Following Tracts:
  • Somebody's Goofball
  • Thought Busters
  • Tiny Mind
7/20/98 Added the following tracts:
  • The Mary Conspiracy
  • The Spice Generation
6/29/98 Added the Following Tracts:
  • This Was Your Lunch
  • Up Your Assignment
6/12/98 Added the following tracts:
  • Holy Father
  • Dead To Rights
  • The Final Atheists
  • added "Not the Biography of Jack T. Chick" to the "Who is Jack Chick" section.
  • Added the following tracts:
    • Bulldada
    • Charlie's Delusion
5/1/98 Mirage gets nastygram from Shakin' Reba Parkinson.
He moves his tracts, "The Trucker and The Mind Fucker",
and "Denial" to a new location.
  • Added "Chick Talk" message board
  • Added the following tracts:
    • Antlers of the Damned (taken with permission from Adam Thrasher)
    • The Holy and the Homo
    • Shatner Story
  • Site goes on line.
  • Available Tracts:
    • Loved to Death (The tract That started it all)
    • Lesbian Friends (Psycho Dave's Second Tract)
    • Denial (Mirage's First Tract)
    • The Trucker and the Mind Fucker
    • The Good, The Bad, and the Fundy